For Bitter or Worse

“Don’t act like you don’t know, I saw your email. ‘I don’t really like my mate; not my cup of tea. My mate is too bitter; I can only take so much of my mate, gives me the jitters….’ Of course I’m upset with you.”

“Darling, the email was to the Tea of the Month Club, they wanted feedback on the yerba mate`.”

“Oh… well, yer ba all right then.”



A silly six sentence story, written for  Unchartered Life under the Radar cue word “mate”. 


17 thoughts on “For Bitter or Worse

    • Thanks Pat. I tried to leave a comment on your site, but can never make the machine work. So, when you don’t see me there it’s because I am incompetent, but I have enjoyed your sixes, including the tasty and timely one this week.


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