No Haven #writephoto



“Mommy, look at the sky, it’s so pretty. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight, right Mommy? Tomorrow is gonna be a great day for our trip.”

She grabbed up her little girl, held her close, told her yes, yes, it was going to be the best day ever, a wonderful trip.

“You’re crying, Mommy. Is it because the sky is so beautiful?”

“Yes, darling, that’s it, and you are so beautiful, and we’re going to have such a great time.”

It was not quite noon on a summer day. Just that morning they had listened to the birds’ sunrise songs, had watched them disappearing in and out of the thick green-leaved canopy of the trees. Now in the black silence, she just held onto her child, so tightly she could feel and hear her breathing, feel her heart beating against her own. Then sound returned, a rumbling buzz followed by a crushing roar that pushed the purple and orange sky roiling ahead of it, a massive thundering wave of color and noise that nobody heard.


Written for Sue Vincent’s November 16th Thursday Photo Prompt.

21 thoughts on “No Haven #writephoto

    • Yeah, I worked at the writing but don’t like the horror. Shows how bad my flash addiction has gotten. I blame you and Mills. For the addiction. I feel bad for ruining this photo. I may not be invited back to Sue Vincent’s prompts. I haven’t a clue yet what my mesh piece will be, but hopefully hopeful.


  1. What can I possibly add? We all can go dark sometimes. That’s human nature.
    And I agree that writing is an addiction. I just posted my ‘Mesh’ piece.
    I think I know Sue V. from somewhere… I’ll have to look at your link to her spot.

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