Wintry Walk

Under winter’s marbled evening sky begin walking; keep going though snow is now falling, is rapidly covering your tracks.

Go to know the cold that winter brings, and to know also the dark; walk into the night and feel the sting and smart of the cold on your face and hands, then the dull ache of it creeping in all your limbs.

Go further; go till you no longer feel even the dull ache, go until you are numb to the cold.

Walk that far.

Then, shrouded with snow, stumbling in the dark, sinking and flailing through drifts, find your way back; return.

Only now can you know what it is you want from the warm glow of light in a window.



This six sentence story written for  Unchartered Life under the Radar cue word “marble”. 

18 thoughts on “Wintry Walk

  1. very evocative.
    sadly I must again stand outdoors as my limbs become wooden and fingertips inert with the cold, as my blood capitulates to the assault, retreating within to preserve the essential organs.

    (see what your excellent wordage done gone and did? encouraged me to get all poetic in my commentationing).

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