Baking Lessons

“Really, you think I don’t know what you’ve been doing?”

Sandra was becoming exasperated, didn’t know whom to turn to with this escalating problem.

“You better avoid the principal when you get to school, you’ll get busted.”

“So I’ll stay home, you can tell them I’m sick.”

“No, get going, you need to go to school and you have to give me a ride.”

At first she had taken her at her word, believed that she only smoked a little weed now and again, but lately Sandra’s mother, a high school English teacher, was getting baked even before school.



This six sentence story written for  Unchartered Life under the Radar cue word “baked”, just for fun. Other bloggers are doing it. It won’t lead to harder stories, besides I only write six sentence stories now and again. I can quit anytime. 

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