Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #8

Charli Mills has presented a TUFF concluding challenge to an exciting first rodeo. You have a week to write for this one. Journey over to Carrot Ranch to test your mettle.
Stay tuned for announcement of contest winners, beginning November 7th.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

TUFF: The Ultimate Flash Fiction

by Charli Mills

What if I told you that writing flash fiction will get you to where you want to be? Would you scoff, or consider the possibility? Would you think I’m handing you a magic elixir? Ah, an elixir. Let’s pause a moment and talk about the hero’s journey.

If you answered the call to participate in the Flash Fiction Rodeo this past month, you answered the same call every hero hears: the one the hero reluctantly answers. We think of heroes as Thor or Wonder Woman. Yet, the hero’s journey calls to us all. Winnie the Pooh and Frodo and Mary Tyler Moore are all heroes. It’s about the path:

  1. The call: the opening scene in which the hero is called out of the ordinary world.
  2. The test: the story develops conflict through tests, challenges, temptations, allies and enemies.
  3. The cave

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7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #8

    • A horse’s head. That’s your prompt. Write about a hero who is having a crisis. A horse’s head is involved. He overcomes. Just free write for five minutes and “This is stupid…I can’t think of what to write…” is legitimate in free writing! Trust the magic, trust the brain science. SOMETHING you don’t expect will happen in that 5 minutes. It will emerge clearer with each step.

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