God’s Gift

Ruth took great comfort at the arrival of the familiar midwife. “My Godsend has come for me”, she smiled up from her bed.

The last time she’d come for Ruth had been when her son was born, a difficult, dangerous birthing, but she had let Ruth return. Now she was again holding Ruth’s hand, was again asking her if she was ready, if it was time.

“It’s time. I was so afraid before, but I’m ready now.”

“We’re proud of how you used your gift, how you’ve lived generously and fearlessly.”

As her son and his grown children wept around her bed, Ruth was peacefully borne away.

The bulls have been released at Carrot Ranch. For the sixth rodeo event writers must write a fictional story that involves facing a challenge or fear in 107 words and eight sentences and must include the two words drawn as your prompt (you may change the order of the words and they do not need to be adjacent). There are extra prompt words available if you would like to head on over and try this challenge.


11 thoughts on “God’s Gift

  1. This is a great story, D. You’ve shown us how to do it, using your prompt “God’s Gift” to great effect. Ruth is going gentle into the night with the support of loved ones around her. What a gift.
    I am very happy with my drawing of “Fairy Tattoo”. I wrote a draft earlier on, but forgot about the eight sentence requirement. It will be fun meeting that part of the challenge too. Thanks for a fun challenge and prompt. 🙂

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