Just Desserts

“What I want ain’t on the menu, sweet cheeks.” His usual prelude to a grab at her ass.

He was a regular. She and Annie disagreed about the regulars, this one in particular, but Annie was the owner as well as the cook. “He’s just having a little harmless fun,” Annie would say.

He always sat at her tables. If she worked the counter he took a stool. “Lean over the counter, show me your specials.”

Straightening involuntarily, she endured his dessert order. “Gimme a taste of your cream-pie.”

“I knew you’d say that,” she said. “Here you go, made it special. The pie is to die for today.”



My response to the challenge of #FFR event # 7: Write a flash fiction in 109 words, no more, no less and weave a murderous vibe through an every-day setting, either in thought or deed. Go to Carrot Ranch and enter this contest for the chance to win cash.


3 thoughts on “Just Desserts

  1. I’ve worked in those situations. The staff having to do for – it’s usually the boss or just one regular bozo
    that tries to clown around. Yeah good no mess to clean up.

    Reminds me a tad of ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ the book… where the chief of police is eating them best darn ribs he ever did taste…

    Thanks for stopping by – I’ve seen photos of prayer flags… I guess they leave them up until they frey and fall apart on their own. Like autumn leaves. I’ll be stopping by your ‘place’ tomorrow later in the afternoon for to place my challenge ‘Bull’ piece. 🙂

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