On his fourth birthday his dad went to prison.

Shortly before his eighth birthday his dad was paroled.

His mom and dad partied together until she od’d.

The man called Dad left them, left him, alone.

He searched the house in vain for hidden presents.

He found needles, empty bottles and some uneaten oreos.

He ate in silence, imagining that she only slept.

Twisting each oreo apart, licking the filling, he knew.

This wasn’t birthday cake and his mom wasn’t asleep.

On TV, 911 calls bring action, help, and noise.

He would call, but after the oreos were gone.


This is my response to the Twitterflash challenge laid down by C. Jai Ferry for the Rodeo over at Carrot Ranch. 11 sentences of nine words each, tweeted. #FFRodeo#twitterflash     Try it.

2 thoughts on “Licked

  1. Sad story, D. There’s probably much of truth in it, sadly. I’m sorry I missed this one at the time. You did well to tell your story in nine tweets. I had a go at reading some on Twitter but found it difficult. It’s nice to read the complete story here.

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