Hanging up his coat and hat, the Reverend affixed a smile when he heard his wife speaking with someone in the dining room but that smile quickly folded in surprise when he recognized the stranger from his church seated at the head of the table, set for three.

“Welcome home, dear, I want you to meet Josiah, whom I have invited to have dinner with us- and to stay in the guest room for a while.”

The reverend’s mouth was agape as the stranger, his eyes shining warmly, spoke. “It is true Christian spirit, Reverend, to break bread with me and to offer a bed to me, a poor traveling preacher.”

Before the Reverend could respond, his wife Mary cheerfully reported that Josiah was willing to lead the congregation while they went on a long overdue vacation, and wasn’t this a godsend, she marveled, a traveling preacher?

The Reverend swallowed the rest of the wine from his wife’s cup before sitting heavily in an uncustomary seat beside her at the table as the traveling preacher planned aloud his first sermon, to be based, he said, on a quote attributed to Jimi Hendrix, ‘When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace’.


unnamed-11-e1462409384457This six sentence story written for  Unchartered Life under the Radar cue word “spirit” is a third, beginning with “Passing”, then “Showing Up“. 

25 thoughts on “Agape

    • Hi, thanks for coming by. So, as a preacher’s kid you know version 2 of ‘agape’:
      agape 2 |äˈgäˌpā, ˈagəpī|
      nounChristian Theology
      Christian love, especially as distinct from erotic love or emotional affection.
      • a communal meal in token of Christian fellowship, as held by early Christians in commemoration of the Last Supper.
      I’ve been having fun with this preacher.

      You and the six sentence gang might have fun with the Flash Rodeo at Carrot Ranch all this month, in particular the Little Laugh event. Check it out :

      No entry fees, cash prize, and fun.


  1. Really well done you can feel the tension in the room. I’m not very great at all the description myself. And lately my six have just been real quick little ones. But I really admire a good story this was well done. Thanks for sticking with the six sentence stories. Ivy

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  2. I hope this story continues. You do a great job writing deeply with few words. Why is it the husband can not see the traveling preacher for who he is? What made the wife so quick to accept? Do I have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear”?

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  3. very nicely (continued) tale. engaging characters, (any mention of Jimi Hendrix totals earns my attention) and the story comes across with a powerful yet totally understated tone of familiarity. what is they say down at the bait ‘n tackle store? “casual elegance,that there story theres got a casual elegance.”
    enjoy your writing, yo

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  4. in a jam?

    the door ajar
    no lid on privacy
    when the in-laws stayed
    and became outlaws… for their impositions,
    unreasonable expectations and demands – they became fish.

    JP/dh ~ Jules

    (The reference to fish for those who may not know is that in an advice column, I once read
    that guests become like fish after three days…they stink.)

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  5. Jules, this story started with a six sentence story called “Passing”, then “Showing Up”, which adds a bit more to this six sentence story. Click on those, if you want to read more.
    Also, are you a dog freak? Because I picked up a little book at the dump today called Dog-Ku and thought it might need to be sent to you. Haiku written by dogs, about dogs.


  6. I thought you blog was going to be about agape instead of agape! It ended up being about both Agape, unconditional love and the preacher with mouth agape as his wife brings home a stranger…. an act of agape love!


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