Big Break

I am no musician, not with these big meaty mitts, but I sure enjoy good music, like to go to that little pub where the act sets up right there in the corner, like to sit close at the nearest table to watch and listen.

This guy the other night, man he was something, just himself and a well worn but well tuned acoustic six string, and man, well, like I say, I am no musician but he was something to hear and to see. He had these thick glasses half hidden by his tangled mop of hair, and I don’t think he was seeing anything anyway he was so intent, just playing, his music just amazingly clean and clear. He was very versatile, as skillful a picker as anyone I’ve ever heard, but my eyes ended up focused on his left hand, flowing up and down the neck of his guitar, his fluid fingers like nothing I’ve seen, wringing the most amazing sounds from that old guitar of his.

Finally pausing, mopping his brow, wiping his glasses, he announced that he had gotten a big break, had a recording contract and was heading to a major studio in a couple days but as he was doing all this his glasses slipped and skidded to a stop near where I sat. I don’t think this guy can hardly see without his glasses, because I had already picked them up to hand them to him when he bent over and was feeling about for them on the floor, but I didn’t expect that and I can’t tell you how bad I felt when I heard that awful crunch of his left hand under my big dumb boot.



This six sentence story written for  Unchartered Life under the Radar cue word “fluid”. 

14 thoughts on “Big Break

    • Your comments make me feel pretty powerful! Cruel, but powerful. Although there are those who could have ruined his life in 99 words; 59; 9 even. At least the bumbling narrator felt bad; it wasn’t intentional, wanton cruelty. Just a twist in a story that had until then lacked conflict. Thanks for the visit.

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  1. The language is fluid and flows rapidly like a competent musician’s fingers plucking strings. That sudden stop at the end, though, plays like a broken string. Fine writing in 6 sentences (Norah’s comment cracked me up).

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    • Yep, Norah’s my new straight man.
      Thank you for your complimentary comments. I was hesitant to go with this idea as I lack the authentic language to describe music or guitar playing and didn’t want that deficit to ruin the piece; then I figured just go with clumsy, if that’s what I’ve got. The narrator’s name is Earnest Bigg.

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      • I like this character, Earnest Bigg. And there is something valid about going with what you got and letting go of not being the expert in where the story is leading. I think a writer uncovers human truths, which resonate far deeper than subject expertise.

        Oh, no…I think The Kid and Aussie might end up giving Shorty undignified giggles.

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  3. I’m pleased you linked back to this story in your Boots story. Although I’d read and commented on it; for some reason, I wasn’t notified of the rest of the conversation. I’m pleased I got to read it – you and Charli talking behind my back – it gave me a smile this afternoon. Thank you, both. 🙂

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