Showing Up

“I can’t arrest someone if there is no crime, you know that, Reverend, and I can’t see as how this stranger has committed a crime, can you?”

“It’s vagrancy, this stranger keeps showing up around town and where is he sleeping at night, huh, where is he at night, whose backyard is he in?”

“Reverend, is he still attending your church services?”

“Yes, he is, and I have to tell you it has been quite distracting, what with everyone gaping at this guy all through my sermons and many have even started imitating him, just praying away, oblivious to the proceedings.”

The sheriff’s brows went up, and with a slight bemused smile he asked if the reverend wanted him to string the stranger up.

“Of course not, Thomas, come on, but you know bums like him are always bad for business; you have to run him out of town.”



This six sentence story written for  Unchartered Life under the Radar cue word “up” continues last week’s story, “Passing”. 

18 thoughts on “Showing Up

  1. “…imitating him, just praying away, oblivious to the proceedings.”

    After all, religion has gone to the trouble to write, market-test, re-edit and verify the words that god has proven (to a +- 93% of focus groups, demographically-verified) to respond to; can’t go letting no un-credentialled nobody degrading the market-base and dilute the sacred metrics
    lol (thank you, I am reminded why I tend to avoid the ‘real’ world, as I have within a streak of outrage at the pesky tricks man will play on the masses, given half a chance.)
    The Wakefield Doctrine actually does weigh-in on the topic: religion is by and for the rogers; spirituality is pretty much a clarklike thing, if you can call it that, tough to get a straight answer outta them on the topic.

    enjoyable Six, Missus Avery, ma’am.

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