Harvest Tours

“At Harvest Farms, we believe in recycling and reusing, and we compost year round.”

He appraised the gaits of the elderly tour group as they went ahead into the facility. There were sure to be titanium joints, probably pacemakers, definitely hearing aids. The door closed.

The next tour, a busload of young recidivists, would be harder. It always was but even without the hardware, it’s where the profits were. Their organs and tissues brought twice the price as those of these old people.

After work he drank heavily, with the full knowledge that he was devaluing his own liver.


For Carrot Ranch; September 21, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about what it is to gather a harvest. You can use the phrase or show what it means without using the words. Go where the prompt leads. Respond by September 26, 2017 to be included in the compilation (published September 27). Rules are here. All writers are welcome!

15 thoughts on “Harvest Tours

    • Genre? I don’t think about that too much. I have been responding to the Carrot Ranch prompts since March; flash fiction was brand new to me and fiction in general being something I’d never done much with. I just go where the prompt leads. Look around. Some of my pieces are dark, some offer a bit of light. All just word play and mind burrowing.
      Thanks for the visit and your kind words. I appreciate it.

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      • Some Sci Fi – can just be too un-nerving.
        Not a whole bunch of movies (and even less TV these days…nothing of value on…) That I’ve seen either.

        I know Dahl wrote quite a bit for children. But yes, I’ve heard or read he wrote some adult material too.

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      • I know that story. It is very dark – like so many of his stories. It makes me feel sorry for the animals we slaughter for meat. If any story was going to make me a vegetarian, that would.


  1. Bleak! That’s a harvest of a different kind. Well done. It doesn’t matter if he reduces the value of his liver – makes his body less rewarding to harvest. He wouldn’t benefit (financially) by having a harvest-able liver.

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    • I think he, because of his job, can’t help but assess body parts.
      (Did you know that you can donate liver? It grows back.)
      I had a larger story in mind, like an association between this farm and an old folks’ home which in some ways is nice, symbiotic and sustainable, but in other ways grim. This is what got wrung out of 99 words.
      Thanks for the visit, Norah.

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