Moon Tide

They called it moon bathing. They lay together on a blanket, crickets and breezy leaves lulling them as the golden light lapped the shores of their backyard. Flowing through the tree canopy, moonlight shimmered on their skin like water. As the moon rose higher another wave of light washed over them, pooling and receding, rendering them breathless. They gasped when the moonlight rushed and curled around them, swept them up. Tumbling and rolling in the powerful swirling current, they careened over the trees, were hurtled across the night sky, drawn inexorably towards the moon. Far below, Earth’s oceans sparkled.

Carrot Ranch. September 14, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a riptide. How can it be used to move a story? It could be a stretch of turbulent water or a pull of another kind. Go where the prompt leads even if you find it unexpected. 

8 thoughts on “Moon Tide

  1. Moon bathing. What a lovely thought. I think I’d enjoy moon bathing. I certainly don’t enjoy sunbathing. Your story has a very mystical quality, like a creation myth from the beginnings of time. The direction of your story was certainly unexpected to me. A lovely surprise. Thank you.

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  2. Huh. You’re deep. I’m not. Slack tide. Just two stories, two ideas from a prompt. Just playing with words. Like kids and play dough. The snake can be rolled up again and formed into a cat. You might prefer the form of the cat but it is the same play dough.
    Look out, for neither of these is the response that first came to mind.


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