Weather Cast

The spell of summer was broken, its blue skies faded and grayed, awash on cloud-strewn winds. Trees champed and tossed their manes as the winds reared and galloped. Leaves and small branches came unberthed, wildly skittering and wheeling about, finally ending in twisted, dreary piles, pelted by unrepentant rain.

With nightfall, winds diminished, yet mustered petulant gusts to usher the last of the clouds away, until, weary, it murmured quietly in the silver cast treetops. In the crisp light of a full moon, the night sky sparked and shivered.

Somehow fall had come; somehow another spell had been cast.

Second take for Carrot Ranch August 31, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a speller. You can deviate from the primary meaning if magic catches your imagination. Go where the prompt leads. 

The cue this week, 9/14, over at Unchartered is CAST. Thought I was too busy to write this week, then noticed that this flash piece is ready to go, six sentences exactly and featuring the cue word. Forgive me for recycling.




27 thoughts on “Weather Cast

  1. Wow! What a vivid scene you have painted with well-chosen words and images. Another great take on Charli’s prompt. This one has put a spell on you. The imagery in this is particularly effective: Trees champed and tossed their manes as the winds reared and galloped. But you have done very well with so many others. A word magician.

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  3. Read your story and was inspired to throw my keyboard out the fricken window.*

    Great Six!

    *ha ha, just joking, the window was blocked by the squat plastic gargoyle of my ac and laughed in face there! maybe there’s still time to get the guitar out of the attic, ‘fore my fingers go all stiff and ungainly, like winters branches…. argh!

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