He Says

He sees himself as a harmless adventurer, a learner as well as teacher. It is never about conquest, he says.

He loves, he says, says love is a borderland, its borders permeable and transient, a place for walls to crumble, for barriers to come down, an exercise of dissolution, a pursuit of communion. Each encounter, he says, is the coalescing of commonalities and of differences, exploring paths of shared experiences while discovering new paths that lead to new territories, unbounded.

Yet inevitably comes the withdrawal, the retreat behind invisible lines. One already looking to the next frontier, the other surveying the breach, taking stock, shoring up.







This week’s cue is BORDER.

21 thoughts on “He Says

  1. He oughta jump in that there Buick and try to get outta town, ‘fore she wakes up angry.

    ‘cellent post.

    (Dude(ette)! synchronized museina?*)
    * There are those that say I make up word because I’m too lazy to go looking for the correct one. To which I reply, ‘Well, duh!‘)

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  2. He doesn’t seem to realize the pain he is causing in these relationships, if one can really call them relationships.

    This well written. A bit of humor here. I read part of the last line as ‘surveying the beach.’ 🙂


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