The Meeting

Driving to the meeting, he was angry when he spied his daughter with that girl. He had forbidden this friendship. He pulled over, anxious.

“Get in the car! Now! I told you to only play with our own kind!”

“Daddy”, she sobbed, “Celia’s cat got hit.” Both girls clung to him, faces tear streaked, begging him to do something.

He removed the white sheet from his car then bundled the limp cat in it. The cat mewed when he lifted it.

“You girls get in the car… Celia, here’s my phone. Have your parents meet us at the vets’.”


Charli Mills, Word Warrior Woman over at Carrot Ranch, continues to write powerful posts and to present challenging prompts. Here’s the latest. August 17, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that heals America. Difficult and idealistic, I know. Think about building bonds of trust or stories of friendship. It could be a positive story about America. Bonus points for hugging a cat.

7 thoughts on “The Meeting

    • You again get double bonus points for your understanding, for your inferencing skills. You get additional points yourself for picking up a tiger over a bear in your flash. Congratulations, Norah, and as always, thanks for coming by.


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