#ExcerptWeek – For the Girls by D. Avery

Again, thank you so much Marcia for sharing your site. You have showcased so many great excerpts this week. It is an honor to be among your featured authors.

The Write Stuff

Back for an encore is poet D. Avery, with a  selection from her book For the Girls. We are very pleased to share this one with you, especially after the popularity of her poem about chickens, from Chicken Shift.


Dream Change 

Take charge
make change
don’t let worry
become sorry
no sorrow
the morrow
always comes
spawns hope
doors to open
pull, pry
push, try.

So be scared
then pick scared up
and mold it
shape it and rearrange
but don’t forever hold it
create peace
a place
to keep
your cares
hold sacred
something you can learn from.

Always be a dreamer
in dreaming be remade
love, live
life, lift
gift, give.
Live love, live
dream a sacred change
in dreaming be remade.


D. Avery, Author

D. Avery (196?-20??) has long been a compulsive poet. Despite a very important day job educating public school children…

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5 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek – For the Girls by D. Avery

  1. What a powerful poem, D. I love the advice to mold and shape and rearrange the feeling scared. So important. I haven’t started reading these poems yet, but am looking forward to doing so.

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    • Thank you. I notice this one got changed a bit somehow getting from page to post, but it is essentially the same. I was playing around with the look and feel of the words, putting them together visually, like scared/sacred, dreamer/remade, etc. And of course thinking of positive thinking as I played with words.

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