Dark of Winter


People said that they walked on water that winter. Because everywhere was frozen water. It came down as freezing rain and remained frozen, encasing the countryside in a glassy sheen. Rain would be followed by a cold spell, with never any snow to soften the bleak monotonous gray. It was a winter of impossible travel, of long days stuck inside, of boredom and its attendant drinking and tempers. It was a winter when heinous occurrences, mute secrets, were blamed on the entrapments, the relentless icing.

She wished the crystalline memory that gripped her still, frozen, would shatter, would melt.

A second take for Carrot Ranch, July 27, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story using the word crystalline. It can be used in typical forms or in creative ways (like the name of a town). What meaning does it hold for the story or character(s)? Go where the prompt leads!

15 thoughts on “Dark of Winter

  1. What a bleak winter!
    Why is it that those crystalline memories, that we’d rather forget, just don’t melt; and the ones we’d rather keep, drift away? “Gripped” is a great word to describe the feeling.

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  2. Those were a pain to get together! It took a good part of a rainy day, but now it’s done. We’ll see what becomes of that. I do not like the formatting but the content is there, for better or worse. Anyway, another learning experience. Thanks again, Norah.

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  3. You have me nervous for a return to Up Nort’ with its unforgiving winters. This story is so universal it could be written for any era, and I appreciate the noncommittal rooting of it into one specific time. Makes me think it can repeat; you know, history.

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  5. Great take on the prompt. I was reminded of the movie The Day After Tomorrow. Though your vision is not a climate scifi one, in reading it I felt winter would never end. My sister lives in North Dakota where they have such winters. I can’t imagine six months inside. Lovely writing: “encasing the countryside in a glassy sheen.”

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