The children and even grandchildren bring their own signature dishes to family gatherings, but her mother remains the pie maker, her piecrusts legendary, the recipe and technique an unwritten mystery. To learn it, she would have to apprentice under her mother, observe and practice. That takes time. She would become initiated later.

At the last gathering even the uninitiated recognized that the slits in the top crust, usually cut so artistically, had been forgotten, the pies uncharacteristically soggy.

At this gathering they mine their pie with worried forks, something less obvious obviously forgotten.

She would never know the mystery.

Written for Carrot Ranch July 20, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that features a pie. You can make it any kind of pie, focus on filling or crust, or tell us about the pie-maker. How does pie set a tone in a story? Does it warm the hearth or bring disappointment?

16 thoughts on “Uninitiated

  1. My mind goes to dwelling on the weirdness of time past and traditions in families. When I struggled to make pie crusts my mother gave me my Great Aunt Ramona’s recipe, and yet neither of us had ever tasted it when she lived! Hope among the things lost fictionally, a paddle showed up. I almost lost my rocking stick (some call it a walking stick, but I don’t walk, I rock).

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