Raven, protector, prominent on the totem pole, reminds all to live correctly. Raven who found the first People in a clamshell. Raven who keeps the tide, who balances night and day.

Do not fear this soul-bird even when Raven comes for you unexpectedly. Yes, you will appear as dead to those who might see Raven bear you away; you might feel that you have drowned in the bottomless pools of Raven’s eyes, feel the winging ascent as soft whispers of spirits. Raven will land you on the moon, where you will be warmly received, where you will be rebirthed.


Written for Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt #11 and Carrot Ranch July 13th flash prompt.

10 thoughts on “Soul-Bird

    • Just another cycle; one thing then another.
      The flash kind of combines raven mythologies. Mostly it reflects ideas from the Pacific Northwest natives, but the tender of the dead, and the ascent to the moon is more European valkyrie. Always and everywhere a bird of power and symbolism.
      And very noisy! There is a family of them living over by my folks.

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      • It is interesting to find commonalities among the mythologies of different peoples. To use them to effect in a 99-word flash is pretty awesome. Although ravens occur where I live, crows are more familiar to me. I will have to keep an eye out for ravens.


    • Thanks. They (ravens) make it easy. They really are amazing birds and they really do show up prominently in the Pacific Northwest. Those totem poles… no offense to our European friends, but I’ll take a totem pole over a gargoyle any day. But the thing is, Raven shows up all over the world as a warning or as a guardian, and yes, as a meeter and greeter and conveyor of souls. [And they really are making quite an aural scene over there on the other side of my lake this summer.]

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