What would you do if

all that came to your ear was the

rushing waterfall the busy

birdsong of morning the

leaves whispering with the

breeze, sunlight refracted on

water,  kaleidoscoping beauty?


(And all of this

forgiving of your presence

accepting and tolerating of your

being here.)

What would you do?


You’d probably try to

capture it all

in a poem.


But how can you when

the loons appear shimmering

in the midst of the dervishing sunlight

their every movement striking

ecstatic dazzling sun sparks

radiating around them?

My God! you cry

and you mean it;

they appear no less as angels

haloed, hallowed, holy.


You should probably forget your

poem, your attempts at capturing

these visions, these visitations; should

yield, surrender, be quiet

let the steady waterfall stroke your weary ear

let your eyes sing softly with the sun

swimming with the lake.

Resistance is futile.

Just surrender.

15 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. Comforting words, filled with allegory and prismatic perception of your presence in a place of sublime serenity and you are the central conciencia y realization that mornings are yours!!!

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    • Norah, you would love the loons. They are one of the planet’s best examples of good parenting and shared responsibility in the rearing of their young. Unfortunately only one of two eggs hatched this summer and the first chick has disappeared after only a week. I happened to see a humungous snapping turtle while making my rounds, so she might be responsible, or the eagle or even a mink.. despite the vigilance of the parents the dangers are many for the newly hatched.
      I am curious about the behaviors of the adults this summer with no chick to raise. All we two-leggeds on the lake are mourning with them.

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  2. In a world filled with personal commitments, technology, and computer generated entertainment, we frequently overlook the beauty that abounds should we take the time to look, listen, and feel. We miss so much – the wonder of it all.

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    • Agreed. So are you out on your deck, or skyping and all that other techno stuff that you do?
      Either way, thanks for sharing your thoughts. (And for not sharing ALL your thoughts) {Insert some meme or emoji here that shows that I’m kidding with you because you are not truly anonymous}

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