Well, Come Back

Though it was dusty and empty in the early morning, Nancy recognized the timeless little town from Joanna’s description, in which she had referred to the few inhabitants as a small coven of ancient women, average age two hundred, but being very welcoming to a coven of forty-something motorcycle mamas. Detained by work, Nancy was now riding solo to belatedly join Joanna’s retreat, almost two days after the others, and looking forward to breakfast with the gang.

Dawn rose a ragged overripe peach nestled in the mist over the treetops. Had it rained here, Nancy wondered; the dirt lane that she now navigated was slick and damp; then in the bowl-like meadow she had arrived at she saw rings of camping gear and debris, even motorcycles, strewn like strands of seaweed showing tidelines; finally she noticed Joanna crouched and shivering on the roof of the cabin that dripped on the far side of the meadow, up the slope from the well that was in the center.

Careful to put her kickstand down on a level rock, Nancy then hurried over to help Joanna find her way down a porch post, all the while wondering about the others, absent in the eerie silence that blanketed this place. Joanna, still shivering uncontrollably, had no explanation other than to babble about the well, the well, the rising water, the whirlpool disappearing into the well.

Another “Well” installment, with another Six Sentence Prompt, cue word “peach”.

10 thoughts on “Well, Come Back

  1. This was indeed a creepy episode, well written to make it all too possible to visualize the carnage! I don’t think I’m ever going to look at a well quite the same again! LOL “Dawn rose a ragged overripe peach nestled in the mist over the treetops” is an exceptional description, I love sunrise and you painted it beautifully! Best use of peach this week I think!

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    • Why, thank you! I wasn’t thrilled with “peach”, as I just wanted to end this series. I couldn’t finish it in six sentences, so will patiently await next week’s prompt.
      The peach sure has taken folks in many different directions- lots of fun over at Zoe’s.

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  2. Again, I must say another WOW to your writing abilities.
    You were able to work “peach” into the story quite nicely.
    I’m not usually drawn to mysteries, but this one has me anxiously waiting to hear more. I guess I’ll have to wait until next week to see how this tale will end. Spooky indeed!

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  3. I’m with Josie, ‘cellent line, the “… nestled in the mist over the treetops.” Slower to stimulate the visual cortex but even more effective (imo) was the “…like strands of seaweed showing tidelines;”

    Enjoyed the slow realization of how terribly not normal something had to have been to result having people standing on a rooftop. A sense of the uncanny permeates the scene.


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