Dreaming Well

“There’s people there now, but I’ll clean up after them, check on the well.”

Johanna couldn’t believe her fortune in finding a special remote location for her “gang” to base their retreat ride.

“I’ll take the tractor out there and brush-hog the meadow and grade the lane so you ladies can get in and set up your tents. My, having visitors does keep us young.”

“Okay”, smiled Joanna, reaching for her helmet, “We’ll all be back next weekend, it sounds great, like a dream come true.”

“Yes”, said the older woman, her eyes gleaming, “It’s a dream come true.”

Second Six Sentence stories this week, cue word well. Also posing as a 99 word response to Carrot Ranch June 22 prompt, Dream.


This is the fifth in the Well series. Click to be directed to the collection in sequence.

10 thoughts on “Dreaming Well

  1. You’ve gone to the well for this serial story, following the bucket to its depths. It may yet bring you, the writer, a surprise. I like the use of terms like “brush-hog the meadow.”


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