Well Linked

“The realtor, what was she, like somewhere between eighty-five and four hundred years old, what was it she said about this place being a vital link to the town’s history? She was kind of cryptic, if not down right creepy.”

“Oh, the old woman is just desperate for a sale, probably hasn’t sold property since the time of Noah, that’s why she encouraged us to stay here, see if it suits us.”

They had driven as far as they could up the brush-arbored lane and now walked towards the cottage that rested on the rise of land like weathered driftwood, taking in the railed front porch, the rusted old car a raft among the weeds, and further down the hill, what appeared to be an old well, its stone toothed maw muzzled with vines.

“There’s something about this rustic old place that I find appealing, especially that old style well.”

“Yeah, let’s get the sleeping bags and set up camp; after all what’s the worst thing that could happen?”


Written for Six Sentence stories, cue word link. 


This is a link to the two Well stories posted earlier.

5 thoughts on “Well Linked

  1. Having read the last tale about this property, I am already on edge as the couple makes plans to stay. This can’t go well for them! 😉 And now I really want to know more about the town’s history and what role this place or its inhabitants played. I hope you are going to weave it together for us in future stories!

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    • I wish I knew! This started as a six sentence story exercise and now this is episode three, from three different prompts. ( okay, I have a fourth written, that gets us into town, but I am sort of waiting for the next prompt in hopes it fits) But I have been able to continue the story somewhat but never really knew it or planned it out in full, so I am as surprised as you are. Guess that helps to maintain the air of mystery.

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