In the Woods

Guess what? This poem was published in the Green Mountain Trading Post.


Up in the Woods, by D. Avery


Predictions are made

About which trees will fall

And which ones should

Up here, in familiar woods


Leading limbs

Prevailing winds

Lay of the land

Lead decisions, taken in hand


Trees are cut

With an eye towards the future

Which will look like our past

Ever present, these woods will last


The woodsman carves out subtle changes

Carefully he rearranges

Familiar woods remain; trees fall, trees grow

In these woods the woodsman’s family knows


He will leave his woods for his progeny

Who’ll climb and hug and fell a tree

Up here in these woods we know

Things change and remain even as they grow.


Up here I want to believe

There’s no bigger decision to make than these;

Than which tree will fall and which will stand

To strengthen the durability of this our land


Up here I have faith that the world might see

The wisdom of a woodcutter and of a tree;

Some trees are felled, and others are left to grow;

The proudest woodcutter has trees to show.

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