Seeking Wisdom

Back at Carrot RanchCharli Mills‘ prelude to the prompt (In 99 words (no more, no less) write a wise story; Go where wisdom leads you) reminded me of this poem from the classic book, Chicken ShiftBut then I managed to hatch a new 99 word piece of fiction for the prompt too. 

Seeing the Other Side

I’ve got a lot of stories, none have been told

I’m not very wise for someone born old.

I’ve long been a miner, never seen the lode

I’m the chicken just starin’ ’cross the road.

I’ve got lots of where I’ve been, got lots of what’s behind me

But I still don’t know where I am, and don’t know where to find me.

I’m not exactly fleeing, ’though I’d like a place to hide

Crossing isn’t just about seeing the other side.

I’m walkin’ and I’m walkin’, some might say I’m lost

I’m that chicken that finally went across.



Alien Anthropology

“Strange. They develop automation, even as they suffer obesity, depression and anxiety. They have many devices for communicating, but they aren’t saying anything. They desire access to information but don’t seem to value knowledge, with no apparent interest or ability in interpreting or analyzing information.”

“They are poisoning, mining, and bombing what’s left of their natural environment… They are ruining this planet. We should just take over.”

“No, our orders are to just observe and to seek wisdom. We shall consult their older people.”

“And artists?”

“Yes, and we’ll visit the ancient sites and natural wonders.”

“We’d better hurry.”


7 thoughts on “Seeking Wisdom

  1. I was amused by your first poem – so pleased you got to cross the road!
    The poor aliens. I think they’ll have difficulty finding anyone wise.
    Two very different responses, but both very enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your Seeing the Other Side had me wanting to hum along and find a bumper sticker that reads, “I am the chicken that crossed!” Artistry does something, as does daring to cross the road. Age gives us more time to do it. The Aliens are correct to be skeptical. Perhaps the artists will save the world.


    • Agreed! I have never been more embarrassed, never more worried.
      Thank you for coming by my humble little site, as I know you are quite busy. Word has it you are very busy with a new book, Underneath. Congratulations and good luck.


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