Wishes, D. Avery

 Once upon a time, there lived an old man and an old woman. They had little in the way of possessions, and wanted for nothing. Nothing very unusual ever happened and they noticed small miracles everyday. They gardened and gathered and occasionally fished in the stream that coursed through the meadow.

One day something unusual did happen. A talking fish offered them three wishes if they’d let it go.

This amazing trout ended up in the same pan that more ordinary trout had. The couple smiled at one another, not wishing to trade one of their days for anything.

Written for Carrot Ranch. May 11, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about trading. It can be the profession of old or of modern day traders on Wall Street. It can be trading places or lunches at school. What is traded? Is it a fair deal or a dupe? Trade away and go where the prompt leads you.

7 thoughts on “Wishes

    • Thank you so much. But now here’s some truth behind the tale: I was stumped by the prompt and even considering stepping aside this week as I have so much I should be doing, but I’m addicted to Flash so… I simply started with “Once upon a time” to simply get started, and it worked. So, yeah I twisted the old tale. No conflict for that couple. (In 99 words, no more no less, who has space for conflict?) I do like that their contentment comes from noticing the small miracles that are in abundance if we are not too hurried. The fish didn’t have a chance. No good ever comes of such anyway.

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      • You did well, and I’m so pleased you joined in. I thought it would be easy this week, unlike the last few, but am still struggling to pull some ideas together. Want to trade any? 🙂

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