I was very excited to see the cue word, chickens, for the six sentence challenge from this week, as I just so happened to have written the book on chickens.

See?     D. Avery’s Books!

Product DetailsChicken Shift                                                                                                 Session poetry, best served as bathroom or bedside reading. Also suitable for coffee table. Philosophy-lite that will satisfy your questions about chickens that cross roads.  Can be taken as seriously as you deem appropriate.

So I will submit a poem for my six sentence response this week, page 33 of Chicken Shift; Poems of Crossings & Roadkill.  (The best unread poetry collection about road crossing chickens and muskrats that’s out there, bar none)


Barred Rock

A chicken walks into a bar

then realizes she’s in the wrong joke

sits beside the gorilla anyway

orders a Jim and coke.

She looks to her other side

and who is sitting there?

Eating shoots and leaves

she sees a Panda bear;

and in the backroom, reserved for cigar smokers

she sees a group of dogs, around a table playing poker.

She has another drink, says, “I lay, but I don’t lie.

I’ve got to cross the road, though I can’t think why.”

The gorilla was gallant, he picked up her tab

and he suggested it’d be best to cross the road by cab.

6 thoughts on “Chickens!

  1. There are many allusions, if not illusions, throughout Chicken Shift. Ever read the book on grammar, “Eats Shoots and Leaves”? And that poor gorilla, good sport, has walked into many a bar joke.
    Your proposed purchase honors me. Just between us chickens, Lulu is the better deal, dime-wise. Either way, it’s always a thrill when one leaves the shelves by any route.

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    • Yes! There’s another version and it has to do with copy for advertising. Gorillas often seem to walk into bar stories. I look forward to your books, and I’ll look them up on Lulu. I’ve purchased many research books through Lulu for obscure town histories or regional genealogies. They do a nice job with binding and print.


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