Written in response to SundayPhotoFiction, a photographic prompt for two hundred words.  

ICU, D. Avery


What she had read about writing was proving to be true. It was hard! But now, having dealt with every need and distraction, now she would finally write.

Except, now what? Another distraction.

Pesky fly. It would evade her half-hearted swats, then settle on the keyboard, always next to the alt button.

“I could write alternative facts”, she said to the fly. “Frankly”, she confided, “I have no idea what to write about.”

The fly flexed its front legs then turned toward the c and v keys.

C… V… V. is what she had always called her sister.

The fly hovered, then daintily primped itself on the 8 key. U…i; i…, u.

Suddenly that day, that phone call, that time in the ICU; that memory washed over her. The fly buzzed her again, again landed in front of c v. And then she remembered her sister before, remembered how even a pesky fly that others would swat and squash, V. would gently urge out of doors.

She saw the fly go out the window she hadn’t even realized was cracked open. Confident now at the keyboard, she knew what she’d write about.

“I c u V.”, she smiled. “Thanks.”

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