Well Wishing

Six sentence story in response to this week’s prompt, cue word, “well” at https://unchartedblogdotorg.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/welcome-to-six-sentence-stories-45/ 

Well Wishing,   D. Avery

They were very pleased with the place, such a deal, it was all they had wished for, despite the rundown condition, despite the lack of power and water, toting drinking water in for now with a plan to maybe later dig out the old well.

They went down to the well and dropped a rock, then another and another, listening in vain for its landing in the dark below, hoping for a splash, but hearing nothing at all, not even the tunk of rock on dirt.

But later, when returning to the well for her forgotten sunglasses, she thought she heard a gurgling sound, and another dropped stone sounded a very clear splash, though very far down. When they checked the next day the water level was visible and they rigged a rope and bucket that they might draw water, planning on having it tested later for potability, but for this trip they were now motivated to start scrubbing and cleaning the long unused cabin.

Lying in their sleeping bags that night she remarked how strange the change in water level seemed, but he tiredly mumbled reassuring words about water tables and springs and how they simply didn’t hear the splash at first, and they both were soon asleep after a good day’s work.

They woke at dawn’s light, which shimmered on the water that was up over the hood of the car, and that now lapped over the top step and under the door of the cabin on the little rise of land overlooking the submerged well.

7 thoughts on “Well Wishing

  1. What a wonderfully intriguing story! I am left pondering whether something sinister is at work or if the rising water is due to a more benign but equally disturbing situation. You did an awesome job of pulling us into the tale, I think you should continue it next week! 🙂


  2. Thank you for the feedback. I hadn’t even thought of continuing it… I have found these restrictions of words or sentences to be freeing in that I don’t have to finish the tale after six sentences. That’s all you get! I am not sure how this one would “end”, but yeah, I think it’s quietly sinister as is. We’ll have to see what prompt washes ashore next week.


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