Do not forget Turtle who brought the earth up from the watery depths. Do not forget Tree, whose roots hold and cradle the earth, whose branches hold up Sky. These ones, Turtle, Water, Tree, Sky, are sacred.

Long ago these ones spoke together, and together thought to provide and to sustain; they thought us into existence that we might use their gifts.

Be humble. Our creations are mere imitations, expressing gratitude, expressing wonder. Be mindful. Give thanks to Turtle, to Water, to Sky, to Tree. We are their thoughts that receive their gifts, and they think us most sacred.


April 6, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about a creation myth. You can write your own, use one in a story or create tension (or comparability) between science and culture on the topic of creation. Go where the prompt leads.       

Here’s a different take on the prompt. I left this one off the Ranch. Just wrote it for fun and for the love of Castor canadensis. (In 99 words, no more, no less.)


Creation? Let’s give a dam.

One by Beaver and one by man.

Beaver creates ponds, meadows, healthy land features

Ecosystems for innumerable creatures.

Man makes dams that flood out his brothers

Providing power for the higher ground others.

Beavers’ land is terraced and holds water like a damp sponge

Man’s land dries up then down the rivers it tumbles and runs.

Beavers’ dams are subject to their own engineering revisions

Man’s dams are a permanent domineering decision.

So if a life’s work is a true veneration

Shouldn’t it sustain subsequent generations?

Beavers show more reverence through their creations.


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